Ibo Wan

The court advisor


Race: Halfling

Age: Unknown

Class: Wizard


Ibo Wan is the chief advisor to the King Cornelius and has been for as long as anyone can remember. He takes it upon himself to ensure that the children of the court (including the PCs, Princess Cassandra, and Prince Nicholas) grow up safe and moderately educated. As such, the halfling is always seen scurrying after the young folk of the castle.

Ibo’s neurotic tendencies often make him the butt of jokes and pranks around Astoria, but he is well-liked in general. While he does indulge in the occasional magic trick to delight children, the PCs have never seen him produce anything more impressive than a puff of smoke. They revel in his stories of Astoria’s past, of heroes and villains, and gods and demons.

Ibo Wan

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